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    1. Severe Weather
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      Severe Weather Plan

      Severe weather encompasses any weather-related event—tornado, severe thunderstorm, hurricane, flood, winter storm, temperature extremes—that poses a risk to life and property or impacts hospital operations.

      The Severe Weather Plan augments the hospital’s existing Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and incorporates the fundamental principles of all-hazards emergency management. Safety of patients, staff, and visitors and property protection are topics covered across a variety of weather hazards with specific considerations included for mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.


      The hospital forms a cross-functional, multi-disciplinary planning team that can be actively engaged for the duration of the project. The Severe Weather Plan development process leverages a highly-collaborative planning model that is facilitated by DQE through a series of remote and/or onsite consultation and utilizes a proprietary planning tool that focuses on:

      • Preventing or minimizing the loss of life and injuries
      • Ensuring patient and personnel safety
      • Maintaining optimal patient care and life support functions during severe weather emergencies
      • Integrating the hospital’s preparedness, response, and recovery efforts with those of its community and supporting entities


      The Severe Weather Plan addresses:

      • Mitigation measures, preparedness activities, response actions, and recovery strategies
      • Weather-specific detection and warning resources
      • Safety and logistical considerations